smooth conversions

Sell memberships in your app with one tap.

Seamlessly convert and retain your members.
Tools for faster onboarding using wallets and tokens.

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SDK + tools

Smooth onboarding for your members.

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Activate wallets

Add wallets to new user accounts or let people sign in with their existing wallet.

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Sell memberships

Sell tokens at the point of purchase. Members can pay with credit card or digital currency.

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Trigger token gates

Show a friendly token gate when you need users to attach a wallet, make a payment, or verify.

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Cohort analysis

Understand conversion and retention. Reward, engage, and activate your community.

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Connected ecosystem

Create a unified experience across web, iOS, and Android using wallets and tokens.


Sell memberships

Issue membership tokens to your users based on their membership tier — like free, basic, and premium. Request one-time or recurring payments with just one tap.

Manage membership tiers, users, and analyze cohort data using the Velvet platform.

One time or recurring
Pay with credit card
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Avg monthly churn

Trigger token gates

Apps create unnecessary churn when there's too much friction in the onboarding experience. Attach a wallet, make a payment, or verify with one tap.

Manage token gates and understand drop off points in your funnel using the Velvet platform.

NFT collection

We made a Diamond Eyes NFT collection on Foundation, just for fun. Read about the process in our "Mint and launch an NFT collection" article.

learn about web3

Never used a wallet?
No problem.

We've got you covered with accessible onboarding.
If you just want to learn, follow our 'how-to' web3 articles.

1. Buy currency
Get digital currency to buy things online.
2. Get a wallet
Get a wallet so you can join apps and make payments.
3. Buy an NFT
Find an NFT to buy. Store it, share it, or re-list it.
4. Mint an NFT
Mint an NFT collection to learn how it all works.
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