Become best friends with your members.

Mint and manage NFT subscriptions, issue rewards, and build a direct relationship with your community.

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Friendly Web3 technology for your online business.

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BUILD for the future

Your business, built on top of accessible web3 infrastructure

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Trusted no-code checkout

Link to your branded Velvet checkout link from anywhere online. Let people buy your membership NFT in exchange for access.

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Easy web3 payment support

Accept any form of payment - Dollar or Yen, BTC or ETH, credit card or wallet. Your members get an NFT in exchange for your offerings.

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Tech without the price tag

Focus on building your business. Leave the NFTs, payments, and web3 user management to us. Join the future without hiring a crypto team.

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Rewards and access

Each NFT should represent a single person's relationship your brand. Access to content, VIP status, activity rewards, or anything you want.

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The world is your oyster

Define your product and community best practices. We'll provide the best web3 infrastructure and UX to extend your experiences to each unique customer.

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“The next generation of innovations—collectively known as web3—is all about tilting the scales of power and ownership back toward creators and users.”

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The web3 economy is waiting for you to join

Consumers and community members expect direct relationships. They want ownership, rewards for engagement, and need a good reason to remain loyal to one brand. We make it easy for you to join the revolution without rethinking your entire business model.

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Your business, but better


Define your membership NFT

Mint your NFT. Require a subscription, a one-time payment, or trigger based on user actions. Each NFT is a unique representation of the relationship between you and a member.


Link to your checkout page

Link to your secure Velvet checkout page from anywhere online - a button, a social media page, a QR code. People connect a wallet to accept your NFT and pay any way they want.


Manage your community

Members will have access to your branded NFT based on your settings. Give them access to content or events, trigger rewards based on user actions, let them vote on community decisions.

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The future of the internet is here.
Join the waitlist for early access + tell us what you need.

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web3 made for humans

Build a business that benefits your community.

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Mint NFTs in exchange for your subscription tiers. Let members pay in crypto or credit for access to your product or community.

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Let your community members access services, content, events, or applications when they have your NFT in their wallet.

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Trigger rewards based on any user action set up with your Velvet NFT. When they sign up, stay subscribed, invite a friend, or join an event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support crypto and web3?

Accepting digital currency and using web3 technology will become standard practice in the coming years. We are entering a new phase of the internet that's been named web3 - this term encompasses digital currency, decentralized autonomous organizations, blockchain, and more.

Quick internet history lesson: Web1 was about access to information and was largely distributed. Web2 was about creating higher polish user experiences and capturing value on centralized platforms. Web3 brings together the best of the first two phases of the internet - distributed and direct relationships between products and people, but with the more sophisticated user interface layer that consumers have come to expect.

Currently, we're still in the wild west phase of web3. There are a lot of people trying to figure out the space. It still feels esoteric (made for the technical elite), unsafe, and fragmented. This will change! Just like we saw in phases 1 and 2 of the internet.

We've got you through this transition. We are building the infrastructure and interface to make it possible for you to continue business in the Web3 world without hiring an entirely new team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

Umm... What exactly is crypto?

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 are terms that have gained traction over the last decade. This technology became popularized by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. They (identity is unclear) released a paper describing a new software system called Bitcoin (also abbreviated as BTC), which is still the most well-known cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. You may have also heard of Ethereum (ETH) and many other networks, protocols, and tokens now on the market.

Bitcoin is a 'Proof of Work' cryptocurrency that's created by people 'mining' - which means they're running complex computer rigs to solve puzzles. This process creates transactions called blocks that are added to the blockchain record. Then, the successful miner is rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoins. Newer blockchains, like Solana, are now using an alternative known as 'proof of stake' - where cryptocurrency holders approve legitimate transactions. Then they are rewarded in newly created cryptocurrency over time.

The good news is that you don't need to build that technology yourself to access the benefits of cryptocurrency. The smartest blockchain technologists in the world are building platforms and networks that the businesses of the internet can build on top of.

More Web3 technology terms

It's going to take some time to learn this new language, so give yourself some space to absorb. But it's the business language of the future - so let's go!

'Layer 1' is the term used for the underlying blockchain architecture - like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum.

'Layer 2' is used to describe a technology that operates on top of a Layer 1 blockchain.

'Non-fungible tokens' (known as NFTs) are cryptographic assets on the blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that make them one-of-a-kind.

'Decentralized App' (Dapp for short) is like any app you might have on your iPhone, or a website you sign into. But in the Web3 world, these are built on top of blockchain tech.

'Smart contracts' are contracts with terms or agreements of a deal stored on the blockchain. The terms of the deal can be defined and executed with code.

'Decentralized autonomous organizations' (called DAOs) are member-owned communities collectively owned and managed by members rather than centralized leadership.

Once we have time, we'll publish a whole encyclopedia! Tell us what else you want here at

How is this going to help my business?

You don't have to jump on the web3 bandwagon just yet, but we think you'll want to. We are business people, designers, and technologists who are excited about what web3 means for the future. Our goal is to create an accessible tool for you to build your business on top of - think of Velvet as the Dapp technology to your app technology.

You'll be able to accept digital currencies, distribute rewards, and manage your growing community of members - all without sacrificing the business and technology you already have in market. If done right, you'll retain more customers, foster a community-driven environment, and increase positive interactions with your product or brand.

With Web3 technology - you can have a direct and unique relationship with each member or customer. Define the rules for your brand, then sell that membership, agreement, or subscription to each person based on their actions. The future of online brands and communities is dynamic and organic instead of a one-size-fits-all corporate structures.

Tell us how you're thinking about the future of your business and we'll help you define a web3 strategy that keeps you relevant for the many years to come.

Do I need to hire a web3 team?

If you're an online technology business, you already have a team of engineers, designers, and product thinkers working for you. These technologists will learn the basics of web3, digital currency, and blockchain to support this next transition. They'll be able to build on top of tools like Velvet and others instead of inventing new technology from scratch. Depending on the sophistication or customization of your product, you may need some web3 specialists.

But for now - treat us as your web3 team. Reach out at to set up an intro call and discuss some best practices.

Is this safe? I'm worried.

Right now, cryptocurrencies are commonly used for things like buying NFTs - for example, purchasing Balenciaga clothes for your son's Fortnite avatar. In the near future, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will fuel the world's transactions with a smarter decentralized system made for the modern global economy.

The United States government along with other world leaders are beginning to build regulation around cryptocurrency, which will help mature the ecosystem. Just like all of us, lawmakers need to more deeply understand the blockchain so it can be written into our laws, integrated with our tax system, and used to improve the lives of all citizens. 

We're building a platform that makes it safe and accessible for businesses and consumers to transact in this emerging economy. You won't need to worry about the security of your customers transactions, the safety of your cash, or the regulation implications. Still not sold? Tell us what you're worried about at