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frictionless user authorization

Acquire more users, then identify them cross-platform.

Onboard users with no-code growth pages. Give them frictionless access to your web, iOS, and Android apps.

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frictionless authorization

Onboard users quickly and identify them anywhere.


Acquire users with growth pages

Share a link for users to create a verified account with a credit card in under 10 seconds.

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Identify them anywhere

Use the API on your backend. Does this user have an account? Is it verified? Are they a subscriber?

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Frictionless cross-platform access

Support user onboarding and authorization across web, iOS, and Android with one simple API.

activate new users

No-code growth pages

Your users can create a verified account and add a payment method in less than 10 seconds. Share the link on your website, or via email, SMS, or social media campaigns.

Make it easy to sign up for your website or app.

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identify your users

Cross-platform API

Once activated, your users can access their account across web, iOS, and Android. Call the API to check if they have an account, if they're verified, and if they're a paying customer.

Make it frictionless to access your product anywhere.

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Get started for free

Onboard users quickly and identify them anywhere.

1. Publish your page
Make a growth page with your brand and custom domain.
2. Share with users
Add the link to your website, or share via email, SMS, social.
3. Activate users
Verified accounts with a stored payment method.
4. Authorize users
Use the API for feature flags, paywalls, and identification.
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Acquisition on the frontend, authorization on the backend.

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