better onboarding

Platform for auth, payments, & identity.

Leverage trusted software to seamlessly onboard, convert, and retain your customers. Save months of engineering set up and maintenance with a simple integration.

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SDK + platform

Implement effective onboarding on day one.


Authenticate users

Identify new or returning users. Give them secure and passwordless access to your system.

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Accept payments

Charge a one time or recurring subscription for access to your content, tools, or digital goods.

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Trigger gates & paywalls

Hide premium features behind an account gate or paywall. Convert users with a few taps.

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User analysis dashboards

Improve conversion and retention. Reward, engage, and activate your members.

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Cross-platform ecosystem

Offer a fluid user experience across web, iOS, and Android. Turn on wallets to hold digital goods.

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Increase conversions

Trigger an account gate or paywall at the moment of highest intent. Authenticate new and returning users with email, SMS, or wallet magic links.

Accept payments using our simple checkout product. Repeat Velvet customers can check out with one tap.

Passwordless authentication
Accept credit card payments
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Avg monthly churn
Retain users

Reduce churn

We've optimized authentication, payments, and ongoing access. We'll handle the account infrastructure so you can focus on your core product experience.

Understand conversion, retention, and churn using Velvet dashboards. Cohort analysis, LTV, engagement, and more.

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Email us at to get started or schedule an integration.

Use velvet

Get started for free

Create a better experience for your customers. Put your resources towards creating value behind the paywall.

1. Merchant sign up
Create an account and get verified to use Velvet.
2. Set offerings
Publish your product page and start accepting payments.
3. Simple integration
Add account and pay gates to your app or website.
4. Onboard users
Authenticate new users, accept payments, retain members.
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